Graphic website designs or custom animations to exhibit your company or product.

Sell products on your app, operate an online newspaper or review site, or manage any type of custom feature catered specifically for your business.

Signin with different levels of authority such as a user, editor, or admin.

Manage your team, employees, or users through a comprehensive and secure authentication system.

Utilize a custom admin panel that allows you to add new products/articles/etc to your site whenever necessary.

Editing tools for customizing each item and piece of data, which is readily available from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Manage users, login and security settings, social media connections, notifications, or anything a specific user experience demands.

Dynamically change the appearance of your website and admin panel such as switching between a light & dark theme.

Check out the live demo for Cronus.js, our admin panel shown above.



T.G.T. specializes in a broad range of skills in app development including an almost equal focus on both the backend and frontend portions of constructing apps and combining the two to build fully stacked isomorphic applications.

In addition, we specialize in growing a business's online web presence ultimately mixing the abilities of development, design and business to garnish the most attractive and sustainable applications in today's modern tech industry.

The preferred and favored method of app development by the company involves the React framework.

What does this mean exactly?...

React is arguably one of the most cutting-edge technologies today for app development and grows more and more popular with professional developers every year.

It allows the company to build extremely efficient, complex and fast applications that are more easily ported to all the main platforms including web, mobile, and desktop.

Websites & Webapps

React & Redux
For Web Browsers Sized for Mobile, Tablet,
Laptop, & Big Screen TV

Desktop Applications

React & Electron
For Windows, Mac, & Linux

Mobile Apps

React Native & MobX/Redux
For Android, iPhone, & Windows

Meet the Founder

Mike Bitner

Full Stack Web Developer

The primary developer behind T.G.T. has been developing core company projects such as our own custom Content Management System software and admin panel. He has a Bachelor of Science in Software Development and several years of experience as a professional developer and designer.